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portrait recordings

Subject coverSubject | Tzadik 9006

JACK Quartet

Paths of Resistance
Jordan Dodson, guitar

Marilyn Nonken, piano
Oberlin Contemporary Ensemble
Timothy Weiss, conductor

Eric Lamb, alto flute
Jay Campbell, 'cello

Tony Arnold, soprano
International Contemporary Ensemble
David Fulmer, conductor

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undersong coverUndersong | Mode 234

A way [tracing]
vc solo

fl, vn, va, vc 

fl, cl, vn, va, vc, pf

The Distance (This)
sop and ten instruments
text by Laura Mullen

Fred Sherry, 'cello
Claire Chase, flute
Tony Arnold, soprano
International Contemporary Ensemble
Steven Schick, conductor

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Out of Chaos | Mode 137

After Serra
fl, cl, vn, vc, pf  

Tangled Loops
s sax, pf 

A Glimpse Retraced
pf solo, fl, cl, vn, vc 

fl, cl, vn, va, vc, pc, pf 

Marilyn Nonken, piano
Taimur Sullivan, soprano saxophone
Ensemble 21
Jeffrey Milarsky / Paul Hostetter, conductors

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appearances on compilation recordings

MetafagoteAsarum canadense: "Wild Ginger"

Atirium filix-femina: "Wild Ginger" from A Compendium of Catskill Native Botanicals, book 2
basson solo

Rebekah Heller, bassoon

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lady fernAtririum filix-femina: "Lady Fern"

Atirium filix-femina: "Lady Fern" from A Compendium of Catskill Native Botanicals, book 2
harp solo

Victoria Jordanova, harp

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Norton CDAmericano

Tangled Loops
soprano saxophone and piano

Kevin Norton, saxophone
Chialing Hsieh, piano

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Miranda CDMiranda Cuckson and Blair McMillen | Urlicht Audiovisual 5989

violin and piano

Miranda Cuckson, violin
Blair McMillen, piano

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Tango CDDedication | Innova 800

A Fractured Silence

saxophone quartet

PRISM Saxophone Quartet

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Tango CDTangos for Piano | Revello RR7808

Tango Clandestino

piano solo

Amy Briggs, piano 

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Aliento CDExtreme Measures | Albany 1217/18

bass clarinet and piano

Jean Kopperud, bass clarinet
Stephen Gosling, piano

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Aliento CDAliento | New Focus

amplified flute and string trio

Claire Chase, flute
Jennifer Curtis, vn / Wendy Richman, va / Kivie Cahn-Lipman, vc

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Tangled Loops CDTangled Loops | Amp 12

Tangled Loops
soprano saxophone and piano

Nathan Nabb, saxophone
Winston Choi, piano

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Sweet Creature CDSo Long, Thanks... | Capstone CPS-8773

Sweet Creature
bodhran solo
|| mp3

Michael Lipsey, bodhran

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Ritual Protocol | Helicon-Kleos 5116

marimba solo 

Makoto Nakura, marimba

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Multiplicities | Metier MSV92063

flute solo 

Nancy Ruffer, flute

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American Spiritual | CRI 877

Echoes' White Veil

piano solo 

Marilyn Nonken, piano

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