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Testify commissioned by New Music USA for JACK Quartet

Testify, the final part of the triptych Passage
, for string quartet and interactive lighting, has been commissioned by New Music USA for the JACK Quartet. Passage takes as its inspiration those who have survived trauma and oppression, turning horrific experience into positive vehicles for understanding and healing through word and action. The work locates its public in a provocative space where it might consider the implications of the subject matter the work confronts. Read more about the project here.

Compression to be premiered in Los Angeles 18 October

Commissioned by trombone virtuosi Matt Barbier and William Lang, "Compression" will be premiered by Matt on 18 October on the Wild Beast concert series at Cal Arts in Los Angeles, CA. The piece references compressive and positional asphyxia, particularly as a result of police brutality. 

Victoria Jordanova's recording of Athrium filix-femina: "Lady Fern" now available

From book 2 of A Compendium of Native Catskill Botanicals, Athrium filix-femina: "Lady Fern," for harp, was just recorded by Victoria Jordanova for ArpaViva. The recording will be released 10 April. "Lady Fern" is inspired by the deciduous perennial that is ubiquitous throughout the Catskills. The recording may be purchased through iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play or streamed through Spotify, Rhapsody, You Tube Music, and many others.

Rebekah Heller's recording of Asarum canadense: "Wild Ginger" releases 10 November

Bassoonist Rebekah Heller recorded Asarum canadense: "Wild Ginger," also from book 2 of A Compendium of Native Catskill Botanicals. The album will be released 10 November on ICE's TUNDRA imprint on New Focus Recordings but now you can hear all the tracks as a stream here. The album also features works by Dai Fujikura, Felipe Lara and Rand Steiger. "Wild Ginger" was written for Rebekah and received its premiere in New York in 2015. "Wild Ginger" is inspired by the perennial whose delicate, dark-purple flower, often concealed by the plant’s leaves, is supported by branching rhizomes that grow underneath.

Wendy Richman records "to be held..."

Wendy Richman recorded "to be held..." for singing violist, to be included on her forthcoming album "vox/viola." The release will also include pieces written for Wendy by Lou Bunk, Christian Carey, Stephen Gorbos, Jose-Luis Hurtado, Everette Minchew, Arlene Sierra, David Smooke, and Ken Ueno. The album will also be released on ICE's TUNDRA label.

Claire Chase records The Silenced, 2 December 2017 release

Claire Chase recorded "The Silenced" at Meyer Sound, Berkeley, CA in a single take. The work will be released as part of the Density 2036 series of recordings coinciding with a five-year retrospective marathon concert, also in Berkeley. Below are excerpts from the premiere performance in October, 2015.

Last update: 13 October 2017